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Available Courses explained..

The School for Dutch organises courses
on 5 consecutive levels:

Level 1, Survival:
In this course you learn to handle a variety of straightforward situations such as shopping, eating out, talking about work and family, asking directions, telling about your work, place of birth, your last or next holiday ..etc....etc. check starting dates

Level 2, Small Talk:
You will further your ability to have simple conversations on the most common subjects: home, travel, family, work, tastes and preferences. Making more complex sentences, using the different tenses, and most of all you will increase your confidence in speaking Dutch.

Level 3, Conversation:
Now you’re talking! Getting more comfortable asking questions, responding, explaining, giving your opinion, etc are all part of this level. You're able to hold conversations in almost any field and improve your vocabulaire a lot in a natural way.
Level 4, Discussion:
Talking and having more complex discussion is a lot easier for you now. Every week you'll get more confident with asking questions, responding, explaining, giving your opinion, etc., and in the class we discuss all kinds of subjects in small groups. With this level you know all the commonly used grammatical concepts and you are able to use them without thinking or trying too hard.

Level 5, Views & Opinions:

In each level, our talking will be a bit more complex and sophisticated
than during the previous level. The grammar concepts you have to ánd will master ( by practicing ánd doing) are also growing and in level 5 we focus more individually on concepts you don't handle well enough yet and vocabulaire you may need in your daily life (working situation or field of interest).

Here you can download a complete curriculum of all the courses.

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