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The Learndutch Community

With The Learndutch Community the School for Dutch provides a platform for expats moving to the Netherlands to meet eachother outside lessons.

Many expats encounter the same difficulties when they arrive, such as finding an appartment and looking for a new job, as well as dealing with local rules and regulations.

During the classes there are always opportunities to exchange information on good restaurants and bars, or to pick up tips on available accommodation and perhaps even meet a new flatmate.

The Learndutch Community is the place to go for discovering what is happening in the cultural and entertainment areas in Amsterdam.
Besides the social element the Learndutch Community is a frame in which students can do their homework by working with the online exercises. After each lesson the students log in to the Learndutch Community at home or anywhere else, where a fresh set of online exercises helps them to practise the new skills learned in the lesson of that day.

All online exercises are based on repeating the newly learned concepts to help the student to implement those in his or her feeling with the language. Our experience tells us that students who actively work with these exercises make far more progress in improving their language skills.

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Learndutch Community

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