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Learning a language means far more than just memorizing words and learning grammar rules. At the School for Dutch in Amsterdam, located in the heart of De Pijp, we focus on teaching Dutch in a fun, innovative way in order to help students from all over the world feel at home in the Netherlands.

With convenient course schedules and a system you can follow from beginner to advanced, the School for Dutch is ready to guide you on your Dutch language learning adventure! 

Offering Dutch courses for all levels since 1990

The School for Dutch has been teaching Dutch language courses for the past three decades in Amsterdam. Under the direction of Wessel van der Heijden, students don’t learn Dutch through studying, they learn Dutch through doing. With a background in theater, Wessel brings innovative language learning techniques to every course, focusing on speaking and immersion. Courses put a large emphasis on rhythm and feeling in order to get students thinking in the true Dutch mindset.

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Our courses

Ready to get started learning Dutch? We offer courses for every level each season. With mostly evening courses times, it’s easy to squeeze in your Dutch course after work or school. Our location in the heart of De Pijp also makes our courses convenient no matter where in Amsterdam (or outside the city) you might live. Check our next starting dates below and click through to learn more about what to expect with each level:

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Type of courses.

Individual Lessons / Special groups.

Group Lessons at the School

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Courses explained.

Difficulty - 

Simple conversations on the most common subjects: home, travel, family, work, tastes and preferences. And you learn to communicate in the present and one of the past tenses.

Small Talk
Difficulty - 

In this course you learn to handle a variety of straightforward situations such as shopping, eating out, talking about work and family, asking directions, telling about your work, place of birth, your last or next holiday ..etc....etc.

Difficulty - 

Now you’re talking! This course is focused on getting you more comfortable asking questions, responding, explaining and giving your opinion. .

Discussion / Views & opinions
Difficulty - 

Talking and having more complex discussion is a lot easier for you now. In this course you'll get more confident talking every week.

In-company courses!

With our in-company courses you will learn to handle a variety of straightforward situations. These include shopping, eating out, talking about work and family, asking directions, telling about your work, place of birth, your last or next holiday ..etc....etc.

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Intensive Courses - Summer 2020 (June - August)
Evening Courses - Summer 2020 (June - August)

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  • “To talk is the first focus. Pronunciation, articulation, dialoguing and conversations are the keywords and key activities and only thén comes grammar."

    -Learning methods and philosophy

  • “Learning a language means far more than just memorizing words and learning grammar rules."


Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. How does the level test work?

    We test a range of language skills. The content of the test is based on two decades of teaching experience.

    Our courses have a high pace, since we believe that using a language is the best way to learn the new language.

    If you do not succeed for the first test it means that we need to work on the foundations of your knowledge of the language. This is also to prevent weak spots that will strike up later and will stop you to fully participate in the group process (= talking Dutch). It will be more fun and more effective and it will give you the confidence needed to start speaking Dutch. Constantly trying to catch up with your fellow students is not very stimulating. That is why it is important to start your Dutch adventure on the appropriate level.

    If you succeed the first test, but not the second test, it’s better to start with the 'small talk' course for the reasons outlined above.

    If you succeed for the first two tests, we will contact you for a short telephone conversation in Dutch. After that, we will decide what the most appropriate course is.

  • 2. Do I have to pay extra for books and other materials?

    No, everything is included in the course fee.

    We use our own books and course material because communication skills, confidence in speaking and ‘trying out/doing’ Dutch are essential. Besides using these books, we developed a system of online exercises to drill and reinforce grammar concepts, and to develop listening skills and vocabulary.

  • 3. What happens if I miss a lesson ?

    Our students usually have busy jobs and social lives. This means that from time to time they miss a lesson, due to work or social obligations.

    Learning a language is like dancing a tango; two steps forward and one step back. Repetition is part of this process.

    Every week the trainer sends each student a short report about the previous lesson and a summary of what should be done for the next lesson. Don’t forget that every week a new set of online exercises will cover the lesson of that particular week. And besides that students can, and actually do, contact each other for help. This is stimulating and fun for everyone involved.

    In the case the an absence, longer than 1 or 2 weeks, the trainer will offer assistance and coaching to catch up with the group.

    If however you would miss more than half the lessons, you can join the same kind of course in the next rou

  • 4. What happens if I have to leave the course for personal reasons?

    If for some reason you need to quit a course, you can always join a same level course in the next round or another round during the whole year after the canceled course. It is also possible to let somebody else participate in a same priced course instead of the registered student.

    Because our groups are small we can't return the course fee (similar to breaking off a package tour for instance).

  • 5. What is the right course for me?

    If you haven't been in the Netherlands for too long and you haven't had the opportunity to take Dutch lessons then the survival course (level 1) will probably be the right course for you.

    Do realize that although the survival course is a beginners course, it is not an elementary course at all. The pacing is high and encouraging; you'll start ‘trying’ to speak Dutch from the very first moment.

    Maybe you've been here a little longer. Perhaps you started a course but never finished it. Maybe Dutch has already become familiar; you might not speak it, but you do understand a lot.

    Well... Do the test !

    The test is not about spelling. It will however give you and us good insight in your language skills (the present tense, the negation, the question words, the past tense etc). If you succeed the test we will have a short conversation by telephone to hear what your active level is. After this conversation you get an advice from your trainer and you can register for a course on the appropriate level.

  • 6. How are the courses structured?

    Survival, Small talk, Conversation, Discussion and Views & Opinions are consecutive courses.

    Although students will get all the grammar they need, it is not the main focus, on the contrary:

    We believe that the best way to learn Dutch is to start using the language as soon as possible. Doing Dutch is learning Dutch! Our courses have a fast pace and focus on pronunciation, rhythm and flow of the language. You will start talking Dutch right from the start and build up your vocabulary by 'doing'. From level 3 and onwards conversation, reading and discussion topics change with every new round. So in case it is necessary to do a level twice, the lesson content will be new and inspirational.

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