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Dutch Since 1990

About the School for Dutch in De Pijp

Since 1990, the School for Dutch located in De Pijp, Amsterdam has been helping students of all levels progress and improve their Dutch language skills. With a variety of classes at convenient times, our courses put a strong emphasis on speaking and conducting typical day-to-day interactions in Dutch, from simple transactions at the grocery store to more in-depth conversations with colleagues or acquaintances. We strive to create a safe, welcoming environment where everyone is free to make mistakes and learn the Dutch language through a process of trial and error, just like you did learning your first language as a child.

About our founder, Wessel
van der Heijden

With a background in theater and psychology, Wessel van der Heijden founded the School for Dutch in 1990. To Wessel, teaching Dutch and theater have the same basic function: communication. Whether it is artfully reenacting a story on stage, or ordering a plate of bitterballen in a cafe, the human need to communicate obviously relies on much more than reproducing words and applying grammar rules. Therefore, Wessel strives to create dynamic classes that focus on the flow and essence of language and communication instead of rote memorization.

About the teacher,
Jeroen van den Berg.

All my life I have been fascinated by people and the ways they communicate. After having studied psychology and working in cafés for years, these experiences have shaped my idea of what communication actually is. From the start of my teaching career in 2015, I really loved the creative and intuitive method Wessel uses. All my life I have never been too crazy about rules and I don’t think that learning a new language should be about learning boring grammar rules and then trying to apply them in speaking. Rather, in the dynamics of making real contact with my students we start “doing” the language from the beginning. Have you ever seen a little kid learning a language with a grammar book??? Exactly! They learn by exploring and doing. At the School for Dutch I teach Dutch in a creative, playful and fun way!

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