Level 1: Dutch survival course

Just starting out with your Dutch language journey? Then our level 1 survival course is for you! Here we’ll focus on simple conversations covering the most common subjects: home, travel, family, work, tastes, and preferences. You’ll learn to communicate in the present and one of the past tenses. In pairs or threes, you’ll try out dialogues and interviews to get the hang of typical conversation. We will also spend a good amount of time on the pronunciation and articulation of Dutch, which can be tricky to master but will be the key to your Dutch language success. This course is on level A1-A2 in the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEF or CEFR).

A welcoming environment to try out your beginning Dutch skills

At the School for Dutch, we strive to create a positive, inclusive learning environment that supports and uplifts our students. Learning a new language is easier for some than for others; it takes vulnerability and a willingness to make mistakes. That is why at the School for Dutch, we keep our class sizes small and use fun, theater exercises to cultivate a sense of community and support in all of our courses. You will also reinforce what you learn in class at home online through the Learn Dutch Academy. The online practice exercises will help you further digest and internalize all grammar concepts and will shape your Dutch articulation step by step.

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