You are living in the Netherlands for some time already or you have already done a course. Dutch is not totally alien to you anymore. Do the test to find out what the most appropriate course will be for you.

Test your level

Most people have being in the Netherlands after a while already some understanding and feeling about the Dutch language.

The test gives an impression where your stand. But.. a test is just a test, you (can) do it in your own pace, it’s not very communicative, a test is more brainwork, it doesn’t test your ‘doing’ the language. Some people know already a considerable amounts of the Dutch language, but their doing/talking/responding skills are behind. Logical passive knowledge is easier to get than active …..

For that reason a short telephone conversation can clarify and support the test you have done online.

A general remark about the different levels, and your ‘going’ from one level to a higher level. The courses are building up in gradual way. And ‘your learning= doing a language’has a lot to do with increasing your confidence, fluency, and your being on ease. So sometimes it’s better to go one level down then the test tells you theoretically or to a level 2 course twice (rare) or to do the level 3 course more than once, dit komt vaker voor. It looks like failing, it’s not. The course are just a lesson series of 10 X 1,5 hour , that a limited time period, so taking more time for growing into more confidence, fluency can be a wise decision, which you always take in overleg met de trainer.

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