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One on one Dutch classes for all levels

Looking to improve your Dutch in a more intimate setting? The School for Dutch in Amsterdam offers 1-on-1 Dutch lessons for couples, families, groups, and more. Our private Dutch lessons follow a similar progression to our group courses while allowing for you to set you own specific Dutch language goals. Having a hard time with one specific grammar concept? Looking to master your daily Dutch interactions? The private lessons at the School for Dutch have you covered!

Tap into the expertise of the School for Dutch in your private lessons

In our private lessons, the School for Dutch taps into our decades of expertise to help you reach your individual Dutch goals. We’ll customize each lesson to you, whether you’re looking to learn the basics or conduct more advanced discussions. Our private lessons are also perfect for individuals or groups who are looking to learn Dutch outside of our typical class times. We’re happy to meet you wherever and (almost) whenever you want in order to make your Dutch language journey as easy and seamless as possible.


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Interested in some private, 1-on-1 Dutch language classes? We have the solution for you!

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